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blonde Lady
this is our Celebratory Ale brewed especially for Canada's 150th year.
It's made with European and Canadian Barley, as well as English and West Coast Hops giving it a great flavour with medium body.
It has 5.6% alcohol and an IBU of 25.
blonde Lady

Early settlers came to the Bancroft region from a variety of European cultures. During the day, women laboured alongside men but in the evening, these same women, were expected to have the qualities of a lady, which were especially evident at dinner and social occasions. Blonde Lady ale symbolizes these same qualities in both the brewing and finished product. The combination of German and Canadian grains brewed in water sourced from a local spring creates a mellow, slightly sweet malt which is refreshing in both aroma and taste. This blonde ale is a light, crisp ale with a full body. The distinction of Blonde Lady makes it a great companion to any meal or social occasion. Bancroft Brewing Company, in the naming of our ales, continues to recognize the unique value of our heritage and salutes those who built it.
A light Ale at 4.3% alcohol with a hops volume or IBU of 18.

Prospector's Ale
Looking for something different? So too were the first miners arriving in the mineral rich region of Bancroft. Most prospectors left ordinary work day lives with hope in their hearts and adventure in their souls. Prospectors, living outside of convention, were able to discover a hidden richness in the region. Prospector's Ale is an unconventional pale ale skillfully brewed from English and German malts creating a rich aroma which is noticeable as you lift this ale. The delicately toasted malt, enhanced by English East Kent hops, offers a slightly bold palette in the tradition of English pale ales. With a mild finish of a lingering sweetness, the subtleties hidden in the amber colour of Prospector's Ale hint at the promise of something a little more adventurous than most pale ales. Something different, indeed!
This is a well balanced traditional IPA similar to a Keith's IPA or a Rolling Rock for comparison.
It has a 5.1% alcohol content and is a 20 on the IBU scale.
Black Quartz
The Bancroft region, located on the southern edge of the Canadian shield, is recognized for the availability of a variety of mineral deposits. White or pale quartz commonly found throughout the area contains a rare black quartz embedded in the pale crystals. In the same manner, our Black Quartz ale stands apart in a world of blonde and pale ales. The brew master specifically designs the malt around a dark roasted barley. This ale has a crisp palate with a full, dark, rich flavour. The finish is smooth, almost creamy, with a sweet caramel flavour. Unique in taste distinction, Black Quartz is a remarkably fine ale.
With an alcohol content of 5.5% and an IBU of 29, Guinness Drinkers Love it; as do Non Guinness drinkers!
Iron Man
Prosperity for the Bancroft community has come from its natural resources. Indeed, those early industries relied on men to draw timber from the forests, extract minerals from the earth, and lay track for the railroads. These were men of iron, men with character. Our IPA, Ironman Ale is brewed from Canadian barley, wheat, local water, and west coast hops. The mellow malt flavour comes from the lightly roasted barley. The aromatic hops has been specially selected to craft a taste balance in contrast to the malt. From nose, through taste, to finish, Ironman IPA is an ale with character.
It has a 5.2% alcohol and is a 42 on the IBU.
Logger's Ale
Logging in the North Hastings area began in the early 1800s, by British decree, and the local rivers delivered men to the forest and logs to mills and ships. Loggers were rugged souls whose skills brought down trees with precision, drew the logs to the rivers, and rode those logs down river. By mid century, Bancroft became the town where the loggers exchanged days of labour for a leisurely, social pace. To quench the thirst, Bancroft Hotel would serve English ales. In that local tradition, our Loggers Ale continues to highlight those medium English malts. Logger's Ale uses a combination of English barley and Kentish hops to provide a "nutty" flavour while, oak smoked wheat in the brewing gives this ale a light aroma. A very smooth finish allows the subtle malt to be appreciated as an end of day pint during leisurely conversation or as a complementary beverage for any meal. Just as Logger's Ale, a traditional ale from the past, is now craft brewed in the present, logging is still a vital part of our community. Some traditions are worth keeping.
It's a full bodied ale with a 5.1% alcohol and IBU of 29.
Logger's Ale
Light Crisp and Sweet lager, 4.6% Alcohol, a great way to finish up or enjoy a long hot summer day!!